Asian and Middle Eastern men know how to take care of and groom themselves, even in their busy lives. You will not be surprised after listening about the opulent and quality men salons of Dubai. The whole lifestyle of Dubai is luxury, then why should these men’s salons be an exception? In the heavy traffic and busy lives of people, many men find themselves stressed out and need a saloon with a relaxing environment differently like barbershops, salons, and men’s lounges.

The signature of these opulent salons is their straight razor shaves, offering the closest shave possible. If you are planning to have a haircut and shave in these salons, then we will recommend you to try their straight razor shave.

You should consult with the professional before getting a haircut and be sure to make him understand what kind of haircut you are trying to get. In Dubai, you will find a professional consultant who is very up to date with fashion.

English may not be their first language, so make it sure you fully convey the style to your consultant. Well, some are very fluent in English. Different stylists in this city advertise them in their ways like some may call it a barbershop while others call it a men’s salon, some even call it a men’s lounge too.

The city has two different categories of people and areas like some are ultra-modern, while the other is old fashioned and traditional. The standard of shops is according to the areas mostly like you will find many opulent men’s salons near Port De La Mer Dubai and Emirates Hills.

Here are some of these barbershops, men salons, and men’s lounges:


It is located at the Burj Al Salem, Sheikh Zayed Road. It is growing very fast and becoming the attraction of the creators, artists, and innovators who are looking to groom themselves. The opulent barber shop offers cutting, beard set, and straight razor shave at a very reasonable price.

Luxury in Dubai is not a strange thing. So it is styled in a New-York barbershop design, offering coffee and smart surroundings. It opens every day in a week except Sunday. You can book an appointment via their website, or walk-in appointments are also accepted.


It is located in the Jumeirah lake towers. This is a vintage-style barber shop opened in 2015, providing traditional services in modern style. The shop is made in a vintage style but offering very modern services that can be surprising for many. The shop has a place to sit, chat, and relax. The theme of the shop is of Britain-style barbershop, as it provides a very sophisticated environment. The shop opens 7 days a week, and its services may include facial and massage.


Beats and cuts have a very cool funky red and black interior, music, and a variety of international styles. Beats and cuts have all those things you want to have when it comes to fashion and style. They claim that they have trimmed and groomed some celebrities like Will Smith, Jay Sean, and more.

They offer some new fashion cuts and amazing styles. You can even check their Instagram to see some cool styles. They offer some more treatments like manicure, pedicure, hair treatment, massage and facials.

It has two branches the one is in the Times Square Mall and the second branch is located on Dubai international financial centre. Being a part of Nstyle International, it offers a gateway to a very relaxed experience rather than just offering haircuts.

It is suitable for those men who like a premium and relaxed environment while chilling in an airconditioned room, listening to music.

The treatment you can get is cutting, shaving, massage, facials, and other services. It can be a reward for you at the end of the week, as this is the best gift a man can give to himself.

Getting a proper haircut and shave is what every man wants at the end of the week. Dubai has some amazing barber shops and men’s salons, and the environment here is so relaxing and comfortable that one wants to spend the whole weekend in the barbershop. People living in the opulent villas like District One Villas Dubai and Dubai Creek Villas prefer more expensive and premiere treatment so these expensive and top-rated shops are mostly located close to these areas.